AXIOM NATUR TRADING CORP aspires to provide a healthy line of foods and beverages to everyone that’s not only healthy but affordably delicious as well. Furthermore, people loving its taste will not hesitate to start marketing the products which will cater for an additional or extra income. Whoever wanted to try to promote and sell will surely be inspired by its good taste not to mention the nutrition that one may get from our products.

Moreover, having the assurance of all-natural and clean ingredients, the products of AXIOM NATUR TRADING Corp. are certified HALAL which means that the process of manufacturing the products adheres to Islamic law in which preparation was done in the most hygienic manner and free from contamination.

Our company desires to introduce new and different ways of selling our products. Through the use of different ways in earning using the professional way of affiliate marketing, any individual can maximize their profits.

Through its officers and a team of experienced marketers, affiliates, and businessmen, the company aims to be successful in introducing more natural products as well as helping individuals, young and old alike to work their way to a healthy life and a successful future by making a living doing what they love.

Zohab Cheema, currently staying in Germany, has been searching new ways with regards to product improvement. Including here are the different natural ingredients and their gradual effect once taken in by the body, as this would help in the improvement of Axiom products as well.


From a simple objective of maintaining good health and a long and healthy life by means of eating and drinking the right foods, this gentleman’s creative search and enthusiasm for a chemical-free all natural ingredients has led to setting up a company using his years of experience being a businessman here and in Europe. Headed by founder MUBARIK AHMAD CHEEMA, whose western ideas paved the way to set up the system of continuous search of natural products and thus, AXIOM NATUR TRADING CORP was formed. The name itself means “self-evidently true nature”. It holds its office at Unit 6-O, Future Point Plaza 3, #111 Panay Avenue, Quezon City.


Mr. Mubarik Cheema has been very careful when it comes to the cleanliness of the food the he takes inside his body considering home cooked foods instead of restaurants, food stalls and the so-called street foods. But having healthy, clean, and safe to eat foods was not enough as he experience some health problems which affected his daily activities. It was due to the health issues and his uncomfortable condition that he decided to seriously choose the right kind of food that would best benefit his health. He took countless research on the healthy foods and its health benefits as he devoted his time to balance the nutrients that were taken into his body together with daily exercise. Going through all these, he has slowly recovered his health and proven to himself that taking the right foods especially healthy foods can help cure and avoid any health problems as long as you fulfill it faithfully. Self discipline and knowledge is the key to good health. He can say now that his health is better than before and his body is stronger as before.

One day while in Germany, Mr. Cheema observed that people went to a certain café serving healthy beverages with the option to choose their desired coffee ingredients. Inspired by this concept, he thought of bringing it to the Philippines to impart an attitude of a healthy living by practicing a healthy lifestyle. But considering the price per ingredient should one tries to maintain numerous kinds of healthy ingredients will yield a high cost for an individual. Thus, putting it together in a drink will be the best way.

He imparted his knowledge regarding his previous researches on foods to his relatives and friends by trying a mixture of several ingredients in a sachet (packet) and have them taste it as a beverage drink. The taste test for the beverage has gained everyone’s approval with positive feedback. With small quantity of each ingredients in a sachet (packet), the beverage can be drank daily as moderation is a key. Take foods moderately has became one his principles. Guided by his Biologist Brother, Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Cheema, Mr. Mubarik Ahmad Cheema then started to set up on the now AXIOM NATUR beverages. His brother has been his adviser and consultant on the course of the product’s research being a Biologist and PhD graduate of the Oxford University in England. 


To provide a healthy line of foods and beverages having chemical-free all natural ingredients from the simple objective of helping an individual to attain a long and healthy life.

To introduce new ways of promoting and selling our products through the professional way of affiliate marketing for any individual to maximize their profits.


To be a company that has grown to offer more natural products in the market while letting people experience to love its taste –not only to sooth the tastes buds - but to have a healthier life, To be a successful company most known for changing the traditional way of affiliate marketing that shaped ordinary people to work their way to extraordinary success by making a living doing what they love.


Business Permit

iPO Certificate

Office Address

Main Office :
Unit 6-O, Future Point Plaza 3, #111 Panay Avenue., South Triangle Quezon City
1103 Philippines

Marketing Office : 
Unit 34, Vista Residences, 515 Shaw Blvd., cor. Laurel St., Mandaluyong City


Mobile: (02) 79759982, 0947.890.3368

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